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Friday, 23 September 2011

Day 268: Rebuilding campaign completed

I've said it before, you wouldn't mess with Nehemiah. Here's more reasons why.

Nehemiah’s unselfishness
Nehemiah 5:15-19
Plots against Nehemiah
Nehemiah 6:1-14
Rebuilding completed
Nehemiah 6:15-19
Hanahi and Hananiah to protect Jerusalem
Nehemiah 7:1-3
The first return
1 Chronicles 9:2-9
The priests
1 Chronicles 9:10-13
The Levites
1 Chronicles 9:14-16
The gatekeepers
1 Chronicles 9:17-27
Other tasks of the Levites
1 Chronicles 9:28-34
The inhabitants of Jerusalem
Nehemiah 11:1-9

Nehemiah stands firm in the face of opposition and intimidation, and the work is completed. Jerusalem is properly ready for occupation, and the people are counted back in. No doubt Ezra was there with his scroll recording all the names, and Nehemiah tells us that so many people wanted to live in Jerusalem they had to decide by drawing lots who got the privilege. That’s pretty impressive, considering that the enemies are still trying to undermine them, and threatening them with attacks sand violence, and dire retribution from King Xerxes.
Nehemiah appoints his brother and a trustworthy general to guard the city, and the details of people’s duties have more to do with defence than worship. Jerusalem is being refounded as a military citadel, occupying what has become enemy territory, and claiming back the land. It’s not yet a peaceful and secure place.

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