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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Isaiah 15:1-16:14: Pride goes before a fall

A long section to read today - Isaiah is still scanning the map of the region, and foreseeing trouble for Moab, another old enemy.

Isaiah describes the devastation of Moab. The worrying thing is that Moab is to the south of Israel, on the eastern side of the Dead Sea opposite Judah. If Assyria have got to Moab, they will probably have gone through Israel, and be knocking on the door of Judah.

Isiah describes weeping, mourning, distress and despair. The panicky leaders of Moab consider asking Jerusalem for help, and Isaiah imagines eavesdropping on their cabinet meeting.

He offers hope - if Moab could deal with its pride, it might discover that God's promises to Israel, of a king from David's line, might even extend to protect them. If they could shelter under David's throne, perhaps they would be safe. But they would rather trust in their own strength, and so they will fall.

Here's the lesson for us all - God's promises of protection can only hold good if we dispense with our pride.

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