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Friday, 29 April 2016

Luke 16:1-13: Wha??

I have to confess I've never understood this parable. Jesus seems to be commending a man for his dishonesty. Or his worldly wisdom.

Realising that he was about to get the push, he set about making friends with other business people so that he would be able to get a new job quickly.

I suppose Jesus is saying, look - your time on this earth is short, so you'd better make friends with those who can offer you a new position that will be to your liking. In terms of friends he means God; in terms iof position he means heaven.

The problem for me is that if I came across a steward who was so willing to double cross his old master, I wouldn't want to employ him for fear he would double cross me as soon as I did something he didn't like.

I've always thought honesty brings its own reward, and to be honest (NPI) I thought Jesus did too. Verses 10 to 12 seem to say as much.

So help me out, please! Leave me a comment explaining it to me. What is this parable all about?

If you need to know, NPI means no pun intended

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