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Monday, 25 April 2016

Luke 14:25-35: Pricey!

The next parable doesn't seem to fit with the banquet scene. Perhaps it's some time later, when Jesus once again is with the familiar crowds.

Away from the swivel-eyed pharisees, we might expect him to be relaxed. But what he says seems calculated to put people off.

Have you worked out how much it's going to cost you to follow me? See those stakes at the crossroads, the ones the Romans nail people up on when they crucify them? You know how they make the poor sods carry their cross to the execution place? Have you realised that following me is going to be as hard as carrying your cross? Have you thought that you might have to deny your own family to be known as one of mine?

You'd work out what it costs to build a tower, wouldn't you? Or if you were a general, you'd make sure your army had what it takes to win before entering a battle?

Following me isn't just something to do in the summer, like an extended holiday. It's hard - like carrying your cross, or constructing a great landmark for all to see, or risking all in a war for what is right.

Have you thought about it? Are you ready for it? If not - what use are you? If you're like salt that's lost its savour, I don't want you hanging around me.

Last night I saw a commercial for a gambling website and at the bottom of the screen was the caption "Stop when it isn't fun any more." Good advice to avoid addiction.

Is this what Jesus is saying to his fair weather followers?

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