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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Luke 12:22-34: Don't worry

Jesus is warming to his theme. Rather than attacking the foolishness of people who only think about this life, now he extols the virtues of investing in the spiritual life.

There's more to life than food and clothes. What does your restless mental energy actually achieve? Does worrying make you live longer?

Remember, you are all God's creatures. Good makes things good, even the things that only live for a day. If he lavishes care and attention on them, do you think he ignores you? No, let me remind you, he has invested far more in you then he has in lilies or ravens. Believe in him, trust in him, look for the things that are close to his heart.

Come on, little sheep! Cheer up, don't be anxious! God rejoices in giving you his kingdom. Store your wealth in the bank of heaven, the interest rates are better than anything you'll find down here, and it will never go bust.

Where have you kept your treasure?

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