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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Luke 8:15-21: Shine a light

Today we have a mini parable, some pithy words from Jesus to punch it home, and then an encounter with his family.

The parable is about what you do with the light that God has kindled within you. Having lit a lamp, you don't conceal it, you place it somewhere where it's light will be seen as far and wide as possible.

What's the point trying to hide from God? As Jesus explains, everything is out in the open as far as he is concerned. And what will be the result? More to those who meet God's approval, and for those who don't, even the little they have will be lost.

Luke leaves us to read between the lines as far as the family is concerned, but it's safe to guess that they weren't convinced by his words. Luke hasn't mentioned Jesus's family since he grew up, and we know that his boyhood neighbours had rejected him, so chances are his brothers were in the sceptical camp too.

Why had they suddenly turned up? Who knows, but the fact is that Jesus didn't even give them the time of day. The family he is focussed on is the ragtag bunch of everyone who is listening to God's word. They are his brothers now.

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