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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Isaiah 5:8-30: Judah's guilt & judgement

Image result for capability brownCapability Brown. A gardener on the epic scale. Could have been useful to some of the rich people of Judah, who found their way round the laws that were meant to ensure that every family had the same amount of land - enough to farm and live on. They'd been busy adding house to house,and field to field, until they lived in splendid isolation in the middle of a large estate.

Now they incur God's wrath, because, as Isiah knows, he has noticed. The rich have blinded themselves to other people's poverty, their consciences are untroubled. But God sees, and Isaiah has a vision of a day when their manicured lawns will be turned over to wild grazing, their big houses empty and open to the elements.

God will not be fooled forever.

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