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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Day 49: Wisdom Chapter 13

Warming to his theme, the writer of Wisdom tackles the folly of idolatry. As far as he is concerned, the existence of almighty God is obvious. You have to be foolish not to notice that there is a creator God who has set up the universe and who loves and cares for it still.
But people get so obsessed with the wonder and beauty of created things, they conclude that these themselves are worthy of worship, and don’t look beyond them to the one who made them. However, he is not too condemning of such people. They are halfway there, he concludes.
Worse than that though, are the people who choose to worship things that they have made themselves. Where’s the sense in making a statue and bowing down to it? How can a thing be greater than the one who made it?

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