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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Day 42: Wisdom Chapter 6

Now the writer turns his attention to the powerful - the rulers of the earth. What has he got to say to them?
He wants to keep them humble, by reminding them that they have their power and authority from God, and they rule on his behalf. He tells them that God will judge them more strictly than common people.
And now Wisdom herself becomes the focus, she is described in glowing terms. If you look for her, you will find her, to desire her is to love her, to love her is to keep her laws.
He wants rulers in particular to earnestly seek Wisdom. Of course, this book was written in Solomon’s name - Solomon was the legendary wise ruler. In real life he didn’t live up to it - he made all sorts of unwise decisions - but in legend he is second to none as the ruler who shows how it should be done. Speaking as Solomon, the write now offers to share his insights about Wisdom. He should know more about her than anyone, we suppose, so his revelations will be interesting indeed.

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