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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Day 33: Extra bits of Esther: Addition C

The story proceeds, and Esther finds out from Mordecai that she needs to act to save her people. Esther knows that she cannot appear in the king’s presence without being summoned, but after fasting and asking all the Jews to do the same, she is prepared to risk the king’s wrath and try to avert Haman’s plan.
Addition C gives us more of Mordecai’s reaction, which is to pray. The Biblical text of Esther is unique in the Scriptures: the only book that doesn’t mention God or prayer. Addition C does both, as Mordecai prays to the Lord, reminding him of his greatness in creating the universe and how nothing is beyond his power.
Mordecai’s prayer is heartfelt and beautiful. Esther too humbles herself before God and prays. She praises God for his greatness and pleads for his help. She earnestly protests that she doesn’t enjoy being queen of a gentile nation, and only wears a crown because she must.

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