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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Day 318: The Day of Pentecost

And on, to another miracle.
The disciples told to wait
Luke 24:44-49, Acts 3:1-8
Jesus’ ascension
Mark 16:19-20, Luke 25:50-53, Acts 1:9-12
The purpose of John’s gospel
John 21:25, 20:30-31
Introduction to Acts
Acts 1:1-2
The disciples in the upper room
Acts 1:13-17, 20-26
The coming of the Holy Spirit
Acts 2:1-13
Peter preaches that Jesus is Christ
Acts 2:14-36
The crowd’s response
Acts 2:37-40

This is the downside of reading the Bible in a year. I want to stop on the resurrection, and enjoy it a bit longer, to revel in the moment. Instead I’ve got to hurry on, passing the most crucial moment of my faith like spotting a landmark on a train journey: out of sight almost before you’ve noticed it.
The ascension is a very odd thing. Jesus disappears up into the sky, like he’s wearing jet-propelled sandals. It’s funny how his departure is miraculous, while his arrival was so ordinary. But obviously he needs to go, otherwise the disciples will never try to manage without him. He warns them to wait for the Holy Spirit, and they obey orders, sit tight in Jerusalem and pray, until Pentecost comes, 50 days after Passover, 50 days after Easter.
Then the blue touchpaper is lit, and there are fireworks. Peter stands up to speak to a crowd of thousands.
Go Peter!
He really flies. His first sermon is amazing - all that agony he’s lived through, all the mistakes ad blunders that he used to make are put behind him. Not forgotten: lessons learned - and he produces a tour de force that captivates and convinces his hearers. “Brothers, what shall we do?” ask the audience, and Peter orders them to “repent and be baptised.” 3000 people join the fledgling church, and more are added to their number each day.

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