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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Day 311: Jesus comforts his disciples

The shell-shocked disciples get something to remember.  
Jesus, the way to the Father
John 14:1-14
The promise of the Holy Spirit
John 14:15-31
The true vine
John 15:1-17
Warning about persecution
John 15:18-27, 16:1-4
Jesus teaches about the Comforter
John 16:5-15
He speaks about the Father
John 16:16-28
The disciples’ response
John 16:29-30
Jesus promises peace
John 16:31-33

Don’t worry, I’m going to a good place. You can come too, just, not yet. My Father is looking after me, and looking after you. Trust him, and trust me. So says Jesus, as the disciples reel in shock from the news that Jesus is about to die, and one of them will be the betrayer.
He has much to teach them about the Holy Spirit, about love, about holding on to his ways in the face of grief and opposition. I’m not sure how much they could really take in in their emotional state, but Jesus is just concerned that they don’t give up and lose faith altogether. “Remain part of the vine,” he tells them, and God will look after you. I know you can’t understand it all at the moment, but the Holy Spirit will remind you of the important things, and you will understand later.
The most important thing is that you love one another. If you remember that, everything else will follow.

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