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Monday, 2 December 2013

Spring in the midst of autumn

A headline about either teenage pregnancy or an elderly woman giving birth would, these days, be greeted with a curl of the lip.

"Irresponsible interfering with nature!"we'd say. "By the time the child's grown up her mum will be ready for a nursing home.
It isn't right. And as for teenagers getting themselves pregnant, don't get me started!"

But Sarah laughed. Perhaps it was a laugh of weary despair: "Me - a mother at my age? Don't make me laugh!" She was just a dried up stick. Life was nearly over, until suddenly Good gave it a whole new start. Then her laughter was pure joy.

But with God, all things are possible. I heard yesterday about a lady in hospital, after a major coronary, coming round from a coma and telling her family she felt fine. I prayed for her, bit I didn't expect this to happen.

With God all things are possible. What would that mean for me today? For the things in my life that I have written off? Could God yet breathe new life into them?

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